Our Mission

Ghana has the potential for a thriving, dynamic creative arts industry. From music, to fashion, theatre, architecture and the visual arts and design : the Ghanaian creative vision is being recognised as a strong force to be reckoned with.

The purpose of The Creative Arts Council is to make an impact not only in Ghana, but also the rest of the continent and internationally. The council aims to impact our local artisans; to create a competitive international buyers’ market by professionalizing the industry; to bridge the gap of the international art markets; to connect Ghanaian diasporas in the creative industries and to enable our local talent to be on the same level playing field in the global environment.

The enlightenment and entertainment the creative arts can bring will play an important role in local regeneration and enrichment of the lives in our communities, enhance the tourism sector of the country, as well as inspire education and the development of talent and innovation among the younger generation.

Arts and culture can also influence policy: it’s often the vanguard of positive social and political change. By providing employable tools and education for students and artists in the industry with entrepreneurship skills and knowledge that develops our disciplines, we can make a positive contribution to society and the economy while generating new sources of income to support our creative ambitions.