Our Strategy

To achieve our mission, we have a 2018/2019 strategic plan with goals to guide what we do:

Knowledge & Understanding

This begins in the root of education equipping Ghana’s creative arts industry with useable tools and knowledge to develop employability, understanding and skills. The Council must support artists with the with the skills and understanding that is necessary to professionalise their products to market in their industry. The Council will build credibility and education within the industry through the application of talks, seminars and conferences on the changing climate and culture of the local and international arts markets. Mentors and experts in their creative disciplines will work in partnership with the Council to cultivate and educate providing insight on the best methods of success within the creative arts framework. This will include seminars, classes and workshops on the best methods of marketing, entrepreneurship, business basics and legal counsel amongst many others.

We wish to enhance the creative skills among young children by teaching the importance of the arts though music, literacy and other art initiatives; adding a sense of heritage by the introduction of mandatory music in local primary and secondary schools with traditional Ghanaian instruments. The council will assist in efforts with the Ministry of Education’s re-design of music and literacy education so that teaching resources are readily available within each community. We will also introduce creative methods of learning and interaction through art-led educational initiatives to promote and encourage a love of art from a young age.


The CAC will partner with the government to assist and advise on policy issues and changes such as developing The Creative Arts Bill to build stronger frameworks and more funded programs and subsidiaries; higher educational courses for artists; mandatory musical classes from primary schools; and increased numbers of music, arts and drama teachers.

Investment In Ghana’s Creative Market

Cultivating a sustainable and dynamic art market in Ghana means that there has to be long-term investment and deliberate connections between the government, cultural institutions, the private sector, artists and communities. By working together, Ghana’s cultural assets can be identified and maximized to greatly increase economic and social benefits, including higher capital spending, property values, educational resources, job creation, increased retail activity, tourism numbers, international visibility, cultural content production, community ownership and cohesion.

The Diaspora

There is a powerful group of Ghanaians in the UK, Europe and USA sitting in real positions of leadership throughout the sports, fashion, creative and entertainment industries. Many of them not only proudly identify as Ghanaian, but are keen and willing to support and fuel growth of Ghana’s industries and help build creative pillars with their expertise and networks. Encouraging others to join and see the true representation of Ghana is invaluable. The CAC will be implementing a committee of a select few exceptional international Ghanaians, who's role is to further empower Ghana within the creative arts and entertainment industries.